Hidden Family Secrets


Genre: Thriller

Plot: Katherine Hollingsworth is the CEO of her family's cosmetic empire, and married to her high school sweetheart Chuck. But their family is devastated by their young daughter Haley's leukemia diagnosis, and are desperately searching for a bone marrow donor to save her. Katherine's conniving mother Joyce manages to find a match, who prefers to remain anonymous - but what Katherine doesn't know is that Haley's "anonymous" donor is her older sister, Libby. After an unplanned teenage pregnancy twenty years ago, Joyce told Katherine she lost her baby in childbirth, when in fact Joyce forged adoption papers - all to keep Katherine's "mistake" from staining the family's reputation. Libby also doesn't know her true parentage, believing she's met Joyce by chance on campus, where Joyce was encouraging students to be tested as donor matches. But as Katherine grows suspicious and starts digging into the mysterious young woman who saved her daughter's life, Libby is under threat from Joyce, who will stop at nothing to keep her family secrets buried - not even murder. Read More