Genre: Horror

Plot: A malevolent, murderous spirit infects the souls of living hosts, claiming new victims like an occult virus. A year ago, MAYA held her best friend, SAMANTHA, in her arms as she lay dying; killed by this evil entity. But the diabolic Visitant didn't die with her friend - it "leaped" into Maya and has been harassing her ever since. Determined not to pass the spirit on, Maya has endured its abuse and avoided human contact, but when she accidentally touches an unsuspecting neighbor, LESLIE, the terror begins again. Almost immediately, hair-raising paranormal attacks begin. First Leslie is afflicted; she then inadvertently passes the spirit on to her older daughter, AMANDA, who is discovered speaking to the ghost in her sleep. The returning Visitant is getting stronger. The horror escalates when Leslie's younger daughter SARAH gets "infected"; she is imaginative, strong, and innocent - exactly what the entity is seeking. It completely subjugates the child's will. Sarah is even driven to kill. Now Leslie and Amanda fight to save Sarah - and themselves - before it's too late. They band together with Amanda's friend KATHY, Maya and LEE - another former host to this insidious phantom-to prepare for an unprecedented metaphysical battle. Then they discover the dark origin of the entity - which is the most terrifying thing of all. Read More