24 Hours in A&E (2011)


Genre: Documentary

Plot: We're all just one wrong step, one sudden illness or one unlucky break away from A&E. It's a place where dramatic stories of love, life and death unfold every day. With 90 cameras filming round the clock for 7 weeks, this series offers unprecedented access to one of Britain's busiest A&E departments, at St George's Hospital in London. Each programme focuses on patients who were treated within the same 24-hour period. The series captures the joy and heartache faced by patients and their families, as well as the hard work and professionalism of the A&E staff. From life-threatening traumas to embarrassing mishaps, 24 Hours in A&E is an intimate, powerful and sometimes comic insight into life - and death - on the frontline of the NHS. Read More



Episode 8: Episode 8
Episode 6: Going the Distance
Episode 5: Field of Dreams
Episode 4: Enduring Love
Episode 3: Pay It Forward
Episode 1: Count On Me
Episode 6: The Show Must Go On
Episode 5: Ever Decreasing Circles
Episode 4: Skin Deep
Episode 3: Dear Father
Episode 2: The Sound of My Voice
Episode 1: The Missing
Episode 4: In Safe Hands
Episode 2: Someone to Lean On
Episode 1: Nothing Can Divide Us
Episode 2: Live and Learn
Episode 1: Pressure Point
Episode 5: A Life Less Ordinary
Episode 4: In Love and War
Episode 3: Go Your Own Way
Episode 2: A Pillar of Strength
Episode 1: Endless Love
Episode 16: Saving Grace
Episode 14: Call of Duty
Episode 13: The Survivors
Episode 12: You're All I Need to Get By
Episode 10: The Kids Are Alright
Episode 9: You Before Me
Episode 8: The Outsiders
Episode 7: Too Close for Comfort
Episode 6: I'll Stand By You
Episode 4: The Extra Mile
Episode 3: Roll with the Punches
Episode 2: Leap of Faith
Episode 1: From This Day Forward
Episode 6: Walk on the Wild Side
Episode 5: Man Down
Episode 4: Do The Right Thing
Episode 3: The Cards We're Dealt
Episode 1: Acts of Love
Episode 5: A Job for Life
Episode 2: Mother's Courage
Episode 1: Value of Life
Episode 18: Love's Young Dream
Episode 17: Down to Earth
Episode 13: In the Line of Duty
Episode 12: Heart of the Home
Episode 11: A Stubborn Kind of Fellow
Episode 9: My Other Half
Episode 7: Live for Today
Episode 6: Child at Heart
Episode 5: The Good Fight
Episode 4: Liberation Day
Episode 3: The Underdogs
Episode 1: Every Cloud...
Episode 9: Lost For Words
Episode 8: The Courage To Go On
Episode 7: Out of the Fire
Episode 6: Collision Course
Episode 5: Shelter from the Storm
Episode 4: Unconditional Love
Episode 1: The Unknown
Episode 12: Love Conquers All
Episode 11: Supporting Cast
Episode 10: My Guiding Star
Episode 8: Broken Heart
Episode 7: Special Relationships
Episode 6: Lost and Found
Episode 5: Game of Chance
Episode 4: Road to Freedom
Episode 3: Growing Pains
Episode 1: Just Seventeen
Episode 15: Flesh and Blood
Episode 12: The Tree of Life
Episode 11: Flying Solo
Episode 9: You Raise Me Up
Episode 8: In Sickness and in Health
Episode 7: You've Got a Friend in Me
Episode 6: Face Value
Episode 4: Time of your Life
Episode 3: Never Say Die
Episode 2: Dear Heart