8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown (2012)


Genre: Comedy , Game-show , Na

Plot: In 2012, two of Channel 4's most popular quizzes - the topical hit 8 Out Of 10 Cats and the cerebral words-and-numbers game Countdown - came to metaphorical blows as the anarchic comedians of the former took on the brainbox format of the latter. Jimmy Carr was the host, with Sean Lock and Jon Richardson as the contestants. Jimmy was helped by Countdown regulars Susie Dent and Rachel Riley, and hindered by Joe Wilkinson. The gang returned to play Countdown a second time later in 2012. In January 2013, as part of the next Channel 4 Mash Up, Jimmy Carr, Jon Richardson and Sean Lock hijacked an episode of Deal or No Deal. A number of comedians joined in, plus Rachel Riley and Susie Dent again. Joe Wilkinson acted as the Banker's assistant. Since 2013, the show has run regularly with multiple-episode series. Read More



Episode 6: Joe Wilkinson, Lee Mack, Katherine Ryan, Brett Domino
Episode 5: Lucy Beaumont, Roisin Conaty, Joe Wilkinson, Bec Hill
Episode 4: Sara Pascoe, Richard Ayoade, Nick Helm
Episode 3: Harriet Kemsley, Joe Lycett, Mat Ewins
Episode 2: Paul Foot, Angela Barnes, John Cooper Clarke
Episode 1: Katherine Ryan, Joe Lycett, Johnny Vegas, Christopher Bliss
Episode 4: Best Bits 1
Episode 2: Tom Allen, Rosie Jones, Adam Riches
Episode 1: Kerry Godliman, Joe Wilkinson, Mr Swallow
Episode 6: Harriet Kemsley, Chris McCausland, Nick Helm
Episode 5: Kevin Bridges, Victoria Coren Mitchell, Spencer Jones
Episode 4: Miles Jupp, Sophie Duker, Lee and Dean
Episode 3: Richard Ayoade, Katherine Ryan, David O'Doherty
Episode 2: Joe Wilkinson, Kiri Pritchard-McLean, The Brett Domino Trio
Episode 1: Harry Hill, Rose Matafeo, Alex Horne
Episode 8: Christmas Special
Episode 7: Katherine Ryan, Joe Wilkinson, Adam Riches
Episode 6: Harriet Kemsley, Alan Carr, Catherine Tate, Adam Buxton
Episode 5: Sara Pascoe, Alan Carr, Tom Allen, Rosie Jones
Episode 4: Rob Beckett, Alan Carr, Sarah Millican, Nick Mohammed
Episode 3: Joe Wilkinson, Sara Pascoe, Sam Simmons
Episode 2: Victoria Coren Mitchell, James Acaster, Natalie Cassidy
Episode 1: Miles Jupp, Rose Matafeo, Vic Reeves
Episode 6: Joe Wilkinson, Harriet Kemsley, James Veitch
Episode 4: David Mitchell, Sara Pascoe, Ellie White, Natasia Demetriou
Episode 3: Joe Wilkinson, Richard Ayoade, Aisling Bea, Tom Allen
Episode 2: Claudia Winkleman, Henning Wehn, Nick Helm
Episode 1: Johnny Vegas, Alan Carr, Lou Sanders, The Brett Domino Trio
Episode 8: Roisin Conaty, Alan Carr, Joe Lycett, Spencer Jones
Episode 7: Kevin Bridges, Joe Wilkinson, Victoria Coren Mitchell, Adam Kay
Episode 6: Richard Ayoade, Jessica Knappett, Alex Horne
Episode 5: Phil Wang, Alan Carr, Harriet Kemsley, David O'Doherty, Joe Wilkinson
Episode 4: Rob Beckett, Claudia Winkleman, Nick Mohammed, Joe Wilkinson
Episode 2: Katherine Ryan, Joe Wilkinson, John Cooper Clarke
Episode 1: Katherine Ryan, Roisin Conaty, Jessica Hynes, Sara Pascoe, Lolly Adefope, and Morgana Robinson as "Natalie Cassidy"
Episode 4: Johnny Vegas, Rhod Gilbert, Joe Wilkinson, Roisin Conaty, Tom Allen
Episode 3: Alan Carr, Josh Widdicombe, Joe Wilkinson, Sara Pascoe, Bill Bailey
Episode 3: Jason Manford, Alan Carr, Katherine Ryan, Ivan Brackenbury
Episode 2: Kathy Burke, Roisin Conaty, Johnny Vegas, Bob Mortimer, John Cooper Clarke
Episode 1: Cariad Lloyd, Alan Carr, Kevin Bridges, Elis James, Jon Robins
Episode 3: Stephen Mangan, Richard Ayoade, Katherine Ryan, Bill Bailey
Episode 2: Jonathan Ross, Lee Mack, Victoria Coren Mitchell, Jessie Cave
Episode 1: Joe Lycett, Michelle Wolf, Adam Riches
Episode 5: Joe Wilkinson, David Mitchell, Roisin Conaty, Tom Allen
Episode 4: Joe Wilkinson, Jayde Adams, David Baddiel
Episode 3: David O'Doherty, Johnny Vegas, Jamie Laing, Holly Walsh
Episode 2: Russell Howard, Roisin Conaty, Phil Wang, Nick Helm
Episode 1: Stephen Mangan, Noel Fielding, Fay Ripley, Brett Domino Trio
Episode 5: Richard Ayoade, Rob Beckett, Claudia Winkleman, Adam Riches
Episode 4: Lee Mack, Bob Mortimer, Victoria Coren Mitchell, Alex Horne
Episode 3: David Walliams, Jessica Hynes, Rhod Gilbert, Sam Simmons
Episode 2: Lee Mack, Catherine Tate, Miles Jupp, John Cooper Clarke
Episode 1: David Walliams, Jonathan Ross, Joe Lycett, Isy Suttie
Episode 5: Claudia Winkleman, Johnny Vegas, Reginald D. Hunter, Sara Pascoe
Episode 4: David Mitchell, Katherine Ryan, Brett Domino Trio
Episode 3: David O'Doherty, Natasia Demetriou, John Kearns
Episode 2: Roisin Conaty, Nish Kumar, Adam Buxton
Episode 1: Henning Wehn, Victoria Coren Mitchell, Tom Allen
Episode 5: Katherine Ryan, David Mitchell, Nick Helm
Episode 4: Rebecca Front, Kevin Bridges, Joe Lycett
Episode 3: Alex Brooker, Johnny Vegas, Sara Pascoe, Tom Allen, Claudia Winkleman, Rob Beckett
Episode 2: Bob Mortimer, Holly Walsh, Isy Suttie, Claudia Winkleman
Episode 1: Vic Reeves, Aisling Bea, David O'Doherty
Episode 4: Isy Suttie, Richard Osman, Alex Horne
Episode 3: Miles Jupp, Sara Pascoe, Sam Simmons
Episode 2: Rob Beckett, Cariad Lloyd, Jamie Laing
Episode 1: Jason Manford, Roisin Conaty, Sam Simmons
Episode 9: Seann Walsh, Joe Wilkinson, Danny Dyer, Bill Bailey
Episode 8: Roisin Conaty, Sarah Millican, Rhod Gilbert, David O'Doherty
Episode 7: Bob Mortimer, Sarah Millican, Katherine Ryan, Alex Horne
Episode 6: Vic Reeves, Lee Mack, Sara Pascoe, Alex Horne
Episode 5: Miles Jupp, Greg Davies, Holly Walsh
Episode 4: Katherine Ryan, Rob Beckett, Greg Davies
Episode 3: Rhod Gilbert, Sara Pascoe, Johnny Vegas, Joey Essex
Episode 2: Kevin Bridges, Kathy Burke, Joe Lycett, Nick Helm
Episode 1: Sarah Millican, Bill Bailey, Rob Delaney, Nina Conti
Episode 6: Sarah Millican, Jason Manford, Jonathan Ross, Bill Bailey
Episode 5: Vic Reeves, Bob Mortimer, Jack Whitehall
Episode 4: Romesh Ranganathan, Johnny Vegas, Josie Long
Episode 3: Reginald D. Hunter, Aisling Bea, Holly Walsh
Episode 2: Roisin Conaty, Jack Whitehall, Rob Beckett
Episode 1: David Mitchell, Katherine Ryan, David O'Doherty
Episode 3: Vic Reeves, Jo Brand, Adam Buxton
Episode 2: David Baddiel, Trevor Noah, Joey Essex
Episode 1: David Mitchell, Roisin Conaty, Phill Jupitus
Episode 3: Josie Long, Rob Beckett, Vic Reeves
Episode 2: Andrew Flintoff, Rhod Gilbert, Henning Wehn
Episode 1: Roisin Conaty, Jonathan Ross, David O'Doherty
Episode 6: James Corden, Kevin Bridges, Peter Serafinowicz
Episode 5: Jack Dee, James Corden, Joe Lycett
Episode 4: Dara O'Briain, Sharon Horgan, Adam Buxton
Episode 3: Kathy Burke, Josh Widdicombe, Dara O'Briain
Episode 2: Miles Jupp, Aisling Bea, Nick Helm
Episode 1: Rhod Gilbert, Kevin Bridges, Josie Long