Abandoned Engineering (2017)


Genre: Documentary

Plot: As the saying goes – they probably seemed like good ideas at the time. The world is peppered with examples of incredible engineering projects and buildings designed to make life easier for those that used them, amaze those that came to see them, and make money for those that ordered, designed and built them. They were the stuff of dreams. Each and every one of these extraordinary places is home to a wealth of powerful and compelling stories. We’ll see and hear about some of the most spectacular examples of abandoned engineering the world has ever known. We’ll show how and why they were built, consider the financial and social costs of their failure and examine the environmental and ecological impacts. Read More



Episode 8: Behind Enemy Lines
Episode 7: Death Behind Bars
Episode 6: Ghosts of the Swamp
Episode 5: A Nation Torn Apart
Episode 4: Top Secret Nuclear Arsenal
Episode 3: Escape from Devil's Island
Episode 2: The Valkyrie Assassin
Episode 1: Disaster in the Desert
Episode 12: 1936 Olympic Village Berlin
Episode 11: Buckner Building Alaska
Episode 10: Bannack USA
Episode 9: Behind The Berlin Wall
Episode 8: Pyramiden Norway
Episode 7: Villa De Vecchi Rhodes
Episode 6: Escobar's Ruin
Episode 5: Tunnel To The Underworld
Episode 4: Bodie USA
Episode 3: Guernsey Nazi Towers
Episode 2: Palace of Death
Episode 8: England's Abandoned Village
Episode 6: Hitler’s Wonder Weapons Bunker
Episode 4: Sabotage In The Mountains
Episode 3: The Siege Of Sarajevo
Episode 2: The Underwater Prison
Episode 1: The Desert Ghost Fleet
Episode 8: Lost Highway In The Rainforest
Episode 7: Germany's Lost Warship
Episode 6: America's Jungle City
Episode 5: The Abandoned Nazi Railway
Episode 4: Battle of Britain Technology Facility
Episode 3: The Italian Dam Disaster
Episode 1: Hitler's Army Powerhouse
Episode 6: Roads to Nowhere
Episode 5: Quest for Power
Episode 4: Ghost Ships
Episode 3: Lost Bridges
Episode 2: Mission: Space
Episode 1: Silent Cities