Alien Highway (2019)


Genre: Documentary , Mystery , Sci-fi

Plot: There are tens of thousands of reported UFO sightings in the United States alone, and yet, to this day, the government still refuses to acknowledge their existence. One of the many working to expose the truth is former Colorado law enforcement officer Chuck Zukowski, who has been investigating UFO-related incidents for over 30 years. Now, together with his son, Daniel, and investigator Heather Taddy, he is pursuing the cases the authorities ignore, finding evidence others have missed, listening to witnesses who are otherwise afraid to come forward and searching for definitive proof of UFOs … all along America’s infamous Alien Highway. Read More



Episode 8: Arizona Anomalies
Episode 7: SoCal Clusters
Episode 6: UFO Terror
Episode 5: Missouri Mayhem
Episode 4: Murder on the Prairie
Episode 3: Escape From Area 51
Episode 2: UFO Recovery
Episode 1: Hunt for the Skinwalker