Almost Paradise (2020)


Genre: Na , Action , Crime , Drama

Plot: Alex Walker, a former US DEA agent, was forced into early retirement on a small tropical island in the Philippines, making a living running the gift shop at the island’s luxury resort hotel. Much to Alex's delight, the hotel attracts rich, powerful, and sometimes criminal elite from around the world, often pulling him back into a world of dangerous people and deadly situations. Read More



Episode 10: Something Walker This Way Comes
Episode 9: A Wedding to Die For
Episode 8: Lone Wolf
Episode 7: Uncle Danny
Episode 6: Rise of the Kalangay
Episode 5: Unbecalming
Episode 4: Pistol Whip
Episode 3: Reef Eel Soup for the Soul
Episode 2: It's Personal
Episode 1: Finding Mabuhay