An Unexpected Killer (2019)


Genre: Documentary , Crime , Drama

Plot: A wild and unpredictable journey into homicide investigations where the true identity of the killer comes as a shocking surprise. Combining unparalleled access, captivating interviews and stylish reenactments, each investigation starts in a familiar way - examining the crime scene, interviewing potential suspects… but then something unexpected changes everything. A new witness, an overlooked piece of evidence or even an innovation in forensic science sends investigators on a totally unexpected path that ultimately leads to the conviction of the real killer. Read More



Episode 19: Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing
Episode 18: The Runaway Murderer
Episode 17: The Finger of Suspicion
Episode 16: Second Chance to Kill
Episode 15: Twisted Attraction
Episode 14: Gone Without a Trace
Episode 13: Hidden Betrayal
Episode 12: The Mayor's Wife
Episode 11: Murderer on Main St.
Episode 10: Closet Murderer
Episode 9: Deadly Disrespect
Episode 8: Fatal Ambition
Episode 7: New Jersey Nightmare
Episode 6: Killed by Kindness
Episode 5: The Love That Kills
Episode 4: Driven to Murder
Episode 3: A Genius Murder
Episode 2: Unseen Assassin
Episode 1: Twisted Betrayal
Episode 8: Deadly Betrayal
Episode 7: Deadly Intentions
Episode 6: New Mexico Massacre
Episode 5: Killer in Plain Sight
Episode 4: When Hate Kills
Episode 3: A Twisted Connection
Episode 2: Dying to See You
Episode 1: Modern Family Murder