Animal Cops: Houston (2003)


Genre: Crime , Documentary

Plot: Animal Cops - Houston is the third Animal Planet series to follow the work of animal cruelty investigators. This particular series follows the animal cruelty investigators of the Houston Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (HSPCA). This team of 8 investigators works in a large area of Texas investigating reports of animal cruelty and, when necessary, removing animals from horrible abuse situations. Since these investigators do not have arrest or warrant seeking powers on their own, they work closely with local law enforcement, including the Harris County Precinct One Constable's Office. This office has permantly assigned Deputy Constable Christine Kendrick to assist the HSPCA investigators with any law enforcement issue that arises, including seeking warrents and arresting those charged with animal cruelty. Read More



Episode 8: Survivors
Episode 7: Chase
Episode 5: Vanished
Episode 3: Frozen
Episode 2: Breeder
Episode 1: Hoarder
Episode 9: Flood
Episode 8: Tumor
Episode 6: Undercover
Episode 5: Mother
Episode 4: Exodus
Episode 3: Trinity
Episode 2: Cry
Episode 1: Breathe
Episode 13: Slick
Episode 10: Insulin Injection
Episode 9: Missing Puppies
Episode 8: Grumpy Wilma
Episode 5: Super Trooper
Episode 4: Appaloosa Mare
Episode 3: Kennel Seizure
Episode 1: Rescue Me
Episode 7: Wild Cats
Episode 5: Snakes Alive
Episode 4: Helping The Helpless
Episode 2: Rescued From The Brink
Episode 1: Triumph Over Adversity
Episode 18: Beyond the Call of Duty
Episode 17: Chance Encounter
Episode 14: Amazing Transformation
Episode 12: Fighting Birds
Episode 11: Six Mangy Mutts
Episode 10: Ferret Frenzy
Episode 9: Catahoula Puppies
Episode 8: Sanctuary Seizure
Episode 5: Matted Murray
Episode 3: Engine Kitty
Episode 2: Boris the Boar
Episode 1: Junkyard Dog
Episode 13: Tigers and Bears, Oh My