Atlanta (2016)


Genre: Comedy , Drama , Music , Na

Plot: Atlanta is one of the top cities for young rappers looking to make a name for themselves in the business. Among those up-and-comers is Alfred Miles, a hot new artist who is trying to understand the line between real life and street life. He is managed by his cousin, Earn, who gets caught up in the local rap scene and his cousin's career after returning home to the ATL. Earn does whatever he can to try to get Alfred's career to the next level. Darius, the rapper's right-hand man and visionary, is also in Alfred's entourage. When Earn isn't busy managing his cousin's career, he spends much of his time with best friend Vanessa, who is also the mother of his daughter. Read More



Episode 11: Crabs in a Barrel
Episode 10: FUBU
Episode 9: North of the Border
Episode 8: Woods
Episode 7: Champagne Papi
Episode 6: Teddy Perkins
Episode 5: Barbershop
Episode 4: Helen
Episode 3: Money Bag Shawty
Episode 2: Sportin' Waves
Episode 1: Alligator Man
Episode 10: The Jacket
Episode 9: Juneteenth
Episode 8: The Club
Episode 7: B.A.N.
Episode 6: Value
Episode 5: Nobody Beats the Biebs
Episode 4: The Streisand Effect
Episode 3: Go for Broke
Episode 2: Streets on Lock
Episode 1: The Big Bang