Australian Story (1997)


Genre: Documentary

Plot: Australian Story is a weekly biography program, produced and broadcast on ABC Television. Australian Story has covered many people from diverse backgrounds and reputations. Examples include Ivan Milat, Dick Smith, Wayne Bennett and Hazem El Masri. The stories are 'narrated' by the profile subjects and other individuals such as friends and family members. The program aims to present a varied and contrasting picture of contemporary Australia and Australians, both known and unknown. Read More



Episode 15: A Balancing Act
Episode 14: A World of Their Own
Episode 13: Children of the Brush (2)
Episode 11: Forever Young
Episode 10: Birds of a Feather
Episode 9: Sophie's Choice
Episode 8: Chamber of Silence
Episode 7: Raising the Bar
Episode 6: An Unlikely Match
Episode 5: Fish Out of Water
Episode 4: I Dream of Jeanne
Episode 3: The Tipping Point
Episode 31: To His Door
Episode 27: To Catch a Stalker (2)
Episode 12: Mother and Son
Episode 11: Forged by Fire
Episode 10: His Brilliant Careers