Ballers (2015)


Genre: Comedy , Drama , Sport

Plot: Ballers is a half-hour comedy series starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Looking at the lives of former and current football players, the show follows former superstar Spencer Strasmore as he gets his life on track in retirement while mentoring other current and former players through the daily grind of the business of football. Read More



Episode 8: Players Only
Episode 7: Who Wants a Lollipop
Episode 6: Edutainment
Episode 5: Crumbs
Episode 4: Municipal
Episode 3: Copernicursed
Episode 2: Must Be the Shoes
Episode 1: Protocol Is for Losers
Episode 9: There's No Place Like Home, Baby
Episode 8: The Devil You Know
Episode 7: The Kids Are Aight
Episode 6: No Small Talk
Episode 5: Doink
Episode 4: Forgiving Is Living
Episode 3: This Is Not Our World
Episode 2: Don't You Wanna Be Obama?
Episode 1: Rough Ride
Episode 10: Yay Area
Episode 9: Crackback
Episode 8: Alley-Oops
Episode 7: Ricky-Leaks
Episode 6: I Hate New York
Episode 5: Make Believe
Episode 4: Ride and Die
Episode 3: In the Teeth
Episode 2: Bull Rush
Episode 1: Seeds of Expansion
Episode 10: Game Day
Episode 9: Million Bucks in a Bag
Episode 8: Laying in the Weeds
Episode 7: Everybody Knows
Episode 6: Saturdaze
Episode 5: Most Guys
Episode 4: World of Hurt
Episode 3: Elidee
Episode 2: Enter the Temple
Episode 1: Face of the Franchise
Episode 10: Flamingos
Episode 9: Head-On
Episode 8: Gaslighting
Episode 7: Ends
Episode 6: Everything Is Everything
Episode 5: Machete Charge
Episode 4: Heads Will Roll
Episode 3: Move The Chains
Episode 2: Raise Up
Episode 1: Pilot