Beetleborgs (1996)


Genre: Action , Adventure , Comedy , Family , Fantasy , Sci-fi

Plot: In the original "Big Bad Beetleborgs", three average pre-teen kids entered a haunted house and encountered a crazy blue phasm named Flabber, who gaves them a wish for freeing him from a pipe organ. Their wish: to be their favorite superheroes - the Beetleborgs! But in doing so, Flabber accidentally released the Beetleborgs' enemies, the evil Magnavores, from the comic books as well. Now the kids, as the Beetleborgs, must defend their city from the Magnavores, which include Noxic, Jara, Typhus and their boss, Vexor, as they release evil creatures also out of any issue of the comics. Hiding out at the Hillhurst Mansion, which includes Flabber's child-hungry roommates, known as the House Monsters (which include Count Fangula, Mums, Frankenbeans, Wolfgang, and later Little Ghoul), the action never stops. Then in "BeetleBorgs Metallix", Art Fortunes, creator of the Beetleborgs comics, creates better and more powerful armor for the heroes, to combat a new line of evil which are created Read More



Episode 35: Mega Borg Power
Episode 34: Experiment in Evil
Episode 33: Super Fang
Episode 32: Robo Rumble
Episode 31: Battle of the Giants
Episode 30: Mega Spectra Beetleborgs
Episode 29: Roboborg (3)
Episode 28: Astral Ambush (2)
Episode 27: Astral Ransom (1)
Episode 26: Lady and the Champs
Episode 25: Wolfie's Wild Ride
Episode 24: To Foretell the Truth
Episode 23: Enter the Dragon Borg (2)
Episode 22: The Lost Comic (1)
Episode 21: The Poe and the Pendulum
Episode 20: Booger Man
Episode 19: Halloween Haunted House of Horrors
Episode 18: The Curse of the Mummy's Mommy
Episode 17: How Does Your Garden Grow?
Episode 16: Son of Frankenbeans
Episode 15: The Old Gray Flabber
Episode 14: Don't Fear the Reaper
Episode 13: Attack of the Brain Suckers
Episode 12: Who's That Ghoul?
Episode 11: Extra...Beetleborgs Revealed
Episode 10: Sunset Boo-levard
Episode 9: Les is More
Episode 8: Horror Hotel
Episode 7: Monster Imposter
Episode 6: Headless Over Heels
Episode 5: Totally Slammin' Sector Cycles
Episode 4: Ghoul Trouble
Episode 3: Battle Station Alert (5)
Episode 2: Metallix Rising (4)
Episode 1: Crush of the Crustaceans (3)
Episode 53: Vexor's Last Laugh (2)
Episode 52: Borgslayer! (1)
Episode 51: Fright Files
Episode 50: Brotherly Fright
Episode 49: Norman Nussbaum: Vampire Hunter
Episode 48: A Monster is Born
Episode 47: Big Bad Luck
Episode 46: Svengali, By Golly
Episode 45: Buggin' Out
Episode 44: The Good, the Bad, and the Scary
Episode 43: Fangula's Last Bite
Episode 42: Bride of Frankenbeans
Episode 41: Something Fishy
Episode 40: She Wolf
Episode 39: Jo's Strange Change
Episode 38: This Old Ghost
Episode 37: The Curse of Mums' Tomb
Episode 36: Operation Frankenbeans
Episode 35: Phantom of Hillhurst
Episode 34: Pet Problems
Episode 33: Christmas Bells and Phasm's Spells
Episode 32: Yo Ho Borgs
Episode 31: Big Rumble in Charterville (6)
Episode 30: Raiders of the Tomb (5)
Episode 29: A Friend in Need (4)
Episode 28: The Revenge of Vexor (3)
Episode 27: The Rise of the Blaster Borg (2)
Episode 26: Curse of the Shadow Borg (1)
Episode 25: Fangs Over Charterville
Episode 24: Bye, Bye Frankie
Episode 23: The Brain in the Attic
Episode 22: Space Case
Episode 21: The Doctor is In
Episode 20: Root of All Evil
Episode 19: Convention Dimension
Episode 18: Monster Rock
Episode 17: Haunted Hideout
Episode 16: The Littlest Brattleborg
Episode 15: The Hunchback of Hillhurst
Episode 14: It's a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World
Episode 13: Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun
Episode 12: Drew and Flabber's Less Than Fabulous Adventure
Episode 11: Cat-Tastrophy
Episode 10: Locomotion Commotion
Episode 9: Nano in the House
Episode 8: Lights, Camera, Too Much Action
Episode 7: Say the Magic Word
Episode 6: Never Cry Werewolf
Episode 5: The Treasure of Hillhurst Mansion
Episode 4: The Ghost is Toast
Episode 3: TNT for Two
Episode 2: Beetle Rock (2)
Episode 1: Beetle Rock (1)