Beyond the Unknown (2019)


Genre: History

Plot: Don Wildman combs through the vaults of the world's most prestigious institutions to unearth extraordinary artifacts with captivating, revealing and shocking mysteries that challenge our beliefs and defy expectations. The show consists entirely of recycled segments related to the unknown, supernatural and the bizarre from Mysteries at the Museum. Read More



Episode 13: Lonnie Zamora Incident, Watseka Wonder and Headless Chicken
Episode 12: The Witch Is Back, Swamp Ghost and Desert Giants
Episode 8: Killer's Curse, Iron Maiden and Edison's Little Monsters
Episode 6: Scared to Death, Martian Message and Heartbreak Haunt
Episode 4: Roswell Alien, Oakland Poltergeist and Mata Hari Spy Mystery
Episode 16: The Lost City of Atlantis, Hitchcock's Birds and Vampire Killing Kit
Episode 13: Texas Roswell, Skull Of Doom And Dracula
Episode 12: Mastodon Murder, Cleopatra's Needle
Episode 9: Yeti, Roswell and Mummies
Episode 8: Donner Party, Skinwalker Ranch and Houdini
Episode 7: Hope Diamond, Jersey Devil and Titanic
Episode 4: Jesse James, Typhoid Mary and Edmund Fitzgerald
Episode 3: Lindbergh Kidnapping, Shrunken Head and Lizard Man
Episode 1: Alcatraz, Conjoined Twins and Lincoln Grave Robbery
Episode 12: Lincoln's Curse, Bayou Bigfoot and Spirit Board Boyfriend
Episode 11: The Yeti's Hand, Crop Circles of the Deep and the Riddle of Stonehenge
Episode 9: Fish Rain, Beast of Bray Road and Crop Circle Joker
Episode 8: Ancient Alien, Haunted Hotel and Southern Sasquatch
Episode 6: Thomas Edison Seance, The Ghostbusters Ruling, The Mummy's Curse, Meat Rain, Poltergeist, The Flatwoods Monster
Episode 5: Kelly-Hopkinsville Encounter, The Bell Witch, The Maco Light, H.H. Holmes, Cursed Mirror, The Blob
Episode 4: Psychic Horse, Orpheum Theatre Haunting, Odd Fellows Skeletons, Weeping Virgin Mary, Vampires, The Brooklyn Enigma