Bia (2019)


Genre: Action , Comedy , Drama , Family , Music , Romance

Plot: Bia loves drawing and painting. She and her two best friends spend their time in the Fundom, a place where they and influencers enjoy showing their talents, especially dancing and singing. On the other hand, LAIX is a network where its CEO only wants fame and money. Read More



Episode 60: When I'm reborn
Episode 59: When you are with me
Episode 58: ¬°BeU in your life!
Episode 57: Nothing Was As We Expected
Episode 56: Illusion of Hope
Episode 55: #IAmWhatIAm
Episode 54: A Song That Connects Us
Episode 53: No One Is Responsible For What You Feel
Episode 52: To the Rhythm of Our Heart
Episode 51: The Attitude That Leads Us
Episode 50: I will let myself go
Episode 49: The Style of a Tricky Deal
Episode 48: For You I Won't Stop
Episode 47: The Letters That Lead Me To You
Episode 46: The Conspiracy Against Us
Episode 45: Traps in Our Way
Episode 44: The Inspiration Around Us
Episode 43: Every Feeling Will Shine For You
Episode 42: The Footprints of Sadness
Episode 41: Unexpected Kiss
Episode 40: Sorrows of a First Love
Episode 39: Music Can Bring Us Together
Episode 38: Hope is the Last Thing to Go
Episode 37: Far Away, By Mistake
Episode 36: Divided Paths
Episode 35: Drowned in Feelings
Episode 34: Nothing good comes out of hate
Episode 33: Traces of a Golden Scarf
Episode 32: Hidden Truths
Episode 31: Close to Me
Episode 30: Your Color To Paint
Episode 29: If One Way Closes, Another Always Opens
Episode 28: The Shades of a Threat
Episode 27: Secret Meetings
Episode 26: Four Hearts In One Song
Episode 25: Misunderstood Thoughts
Episode 24: Tempting offer
Episode 23: The Unfinished Song
Episode 22: Impossible Love
Episode 21: Family Conflicts
Episode 20: A Collision of Two Hearts
Episode 19: Memories to Remember
Episode 18: Opportunities to Start Over
Episode 17: Fears In The Present And Wounds In The Past
Episode 16: A Secret Reserved for the Heart
Episode 15: The Memories of a Song
Episode 14: Revelation Network
Episode 13: Among Haters, A Friend
Episode 12: A Compromising Situation
Episode 11: A false guilt
Episode 10: The Art of Creativity
Episode 9: Everyone Knows What You Did
Episode 8: A Heart That Lost It's Voice
Episode 7: Feelings Confined to the Memories of the Past
Episode 6: The Voice That Illuminates the Melody
Episode 5: The Two Parts of a Song
Episode 4: The Voices of a Single Heart
Episode 3: Matching Melodies
Episode 2: Sound of a Melody
Episode 1: Coloring a New Adventure