Biker Mice from Mars (2006) (2006)


Genre: Animation , Action , Sci-fi

Plot: Biker Mice from Mars is an animated series, a remake of the show with the same name which aired from 1993–1996. Unlike past remakes of old shows, this one continues the plot of the original series with new added characters. The 2006 version of the show has previews of the show on YouTube. Jim Ward won a 2009 voice-actor Daytime Emmy for his performance as Eyemore in the episode "Manchurian Charley" and as the Crusher in the episode "Here Come The Judge". The series was slated as a mid-season replacement in the 4Kids block on the CW network in fall 2009, but the series did not air. In the UK it was picked up for a second window by CSC Media Group, who scheduled it from April 2, 2010 on the Kix channel. The series features as a show on YouTube. An episode has been launched each Saturday on YouTube since November 2010. Read More



Episode 28: Turf Wars
Episode 27: Once Upon A Time on Earth (3)
Episode 26: Once Upon A Time on Earth (2)
Episode 25: Once Upon A Time on Earth (1)
Episode 24: Cat and Mouse
Episode 23: First Mice on The Moon
Episode 22: Desperado
Episode 21: Swimming With Sharks
Episode 20: Here Come the Judge
Episode 19: Break Up
Episode 18: Cyber Mice From Mars
Episode 16: Surfer Cats of Saturn
Episode 15: Rumpity-Dumpster
Episode 14: Carbine's Conundrum
Episode 13: Bringing Up Vinnie
Episode 12: It's the Pits
Episode 11: Manchurian Charley
Episode 10: A Hairy A-Bomb
Episode 9: New Cats in Town
Episode 8: Driver's Ed
Episode 7: Biker Mice Down Under
Episode 6: Between Rump and a Hard Race
Episode 5: The Tender Mouse Trap
Episode 4: Changes
Episode 3: The British Invasion
Episode 2: The Adventure Begins (2)
Episode 1: The Adventure Begins (1)