Birds of a Feather (1989)


Genre: Comedy

Plot: Birds of a Feather is a British sitcom that was broadcast on BBC One from 1989 until 1998 and on ITV from 2013. Starring Pauline Quirke, Linda Robson and Lesley Joseph, it was created by Laurence Marks and Maurice Gran, who also wrote some of the episodes along with many other writers. The first episode sees sisters Tracey Stubbs and Sharon Theodopolopodos brought together when their husbands are sent to prison for armed robbery. Sharon, who lived in an Edmonton council flat, moves into Tracey's expensive house in Chigwell, Essex. Their next-door neighbour, and later friend, Dorien Green is a middle-aged married woman who is constantly having affairs with younger men. In the later series the location is changed to Hainault. The series ended on Christmas Eve 1998 after a 9-year-run. On 3 March 2009, the The Mirror reported that the classic sitcom was set for a return reporting that Lesley Joseph, Pauline Quirke and Linda Robson have all been asked by the team behind the sitcom to make another series. Quirke was reported as saying that they were up for the challenge if the writers came up with good ideas. After this speculation of a return in early 2009 nothing more was said. However, in July 2012 Lesley Joseph hinted that Birds of a Feather could return for another series following a successful stage tour. Read More



Episode 6: Holy Ground
Episode 5: Nuptials
Episode 4: Model
Episode 3: Sunday
Episode 2: Mummies and Daddies
Episode 1: Ghost
Episode 6: Money
Episode 5: Can't Judge a Book
Episode 4: Baggage
Episode 3: Maids of Ongar
Episode 2: The Essex Patient
Episode 1: Trouble and Strife
Episode 11: Reservoir Birds
Episode 10: Three's Company
Episode 9: Never the Twain
Episode 8: Are You Being Served?
Episode 7: Three up, Two Down
Episode 6: Rising Damp
Episode 5: Porridge
Episode 4: Relative Strangers
Episode 3: Cheers
Episode 2: Nearest and Dearest
Episode 1: Stand by your Man
Episode 14: Christmas in Dreamland
Episode 13: On the Glass
Episode 12: Still Waters Run Deep
Episode 11: Puppy Love
Episode 10: Business Is Buisness
Episode 9: In at the Deep End
Episode 8: Out
Episode 7: Moving
Episode 6: Appreciation Society
Episode 5: All Day and All of the Night
Episode 4: Compulsion
Episode 3: First Time Caller
Episode 2: Mrs Robinson
Episode 1: Not in My Backyard
Episode 14: It Happened in Hollywood
Episode 13: A Beautiful Game
Episode 12: All Gone Pear Shaped
Episode 11: An Inspector Stays
Episode 10: Find the Lady
Episode 9: East Side Story
Episode 8: Mind Over Matter
Episode 7: A Brush with the Law
Episode 6: Dead Loss
Episode 5: Suspicious Minds
Episode 4: Absent Friends
Episode 3: Non-Starter
Episode 2: Bang
Episode 1: High Fidelity
Episode 14: The Chigwell Connection
Episode 13: Loyalty
Episode 12: Okey-Cokey-Karaoke
Episode 11: The Front
Episode 10: Sisters Are Doing It
Episode 9: Time and Tides
Episode 8: Hungry for Love
Episode 7: Belongings
Episode 6: Nine and a Half Days
Episode 5: Caring
Episode 4: Wipe That Smile off Your Tape
Episode 3: Commitments
Episode 2: Food for Thought
Episode 1: Breadwinner
Episode 13: We'll Always Have Majorca
Episode 12: Business
Episode 11: Schooling
Episode 10: Cuckoo
Episode 9: Flavour of the Month
Episode 8: Poetic Justice
Episode 7: History
Episode 6: The Lost Weekend
Episode 5: Confidence
Episode 4: Just Family
Episode 3: Baby Come Back
Episode 2: Tinker, Tailor
Episode 1: Keeping Up Appearances
Episode 16: Falling in Love Again
Episode 15: Someone Else's Baby
Episode 14: Jobs for the Girls
Episode 13: Parting
Episode 12: Old Friends
Episode 11: Love on the Run
Episode 10: Thirty Something
Episode 9: Trust
Episode 8: You Pays Yer Money
Episode 7: Brief Encounter
Episode 6: Mice
Episode 5: Keep off the Grass
Episode 4: Muesli
Episode 3: Young Guns
Episode 2: Sweet Smell of Success
Episode 1: Getting a Grip
Episode 6: Substitute
Episode 5: Cheat!
Episode 4: Women's Troubles
Episode 3: Shift!
Episode 2: Just Visiting
Episode 1: Nicked