Breeders (2020)


Genre: Comedy , Na

Plot: Paul and Ally juggle full-time careers, aging parents, a mortgage, upheavals in their relationship and the unenviable curveballs of parenting their young children, Luke and Ava — exploring the parental-paradox that it is possible, in the very same moment, to love your child to the horizon of the universe, while being apoplectically angry enough to want to send them there. Read More

Next Episode 2x6 Date: Apr 19th



Episode 4: No Faith
Episode 3: No Connection
Episode 2: No Fear
Episode 1: No Surrender
Episode 10: No Cure (2)
Episode 9: No Cure (1)
Episode 8: No Honeymoon
Episode 7: No Exit
Episode 6: No Talking
Episode 5: No Dad
Episode 4: No Lies
Episode 3: No Accident
Episode 2: No Places
Episode 1: No Sleep