Bring It! (2014)


Genre: Drama , Music , Reality-tv

Plot: Bring It! is a new dance reality show which focuses on the dance team, The Dancing Dolls, from Mississippi. They are a competition dance team, and their style is, "Hip-Hop Majorettes." This show is produced by Lifetime, and is lively, and the girls are fun to watch. Coach D is a strong woman, with a no-nonsense personality, and drives the girls under her to be the best they can be. Still, she has a human side, and she does care about the girls, and tries to be supportive of them (something we don't see too often in another, well-known dance reality show). Further, the "drama" of the dance moms is surprisingly low-key when compared to another reality dance show, also produced by Lifetime. Give this show a chance. It will surprise you, as the dancing is different from what you are likely used to watching. Read More



Episode 24: Stomp! Summer Slam Shocker
Episode 23: Lil Niqo and a LOT of Sweat!
Episode 22: Wigging Out
Episode 21: Dancing With the Enemy
Episode 20: Scholarship Dreams and Dating Nightmares
Episode 19: Hoop Dreams Drama
Episode 18: Ratchcity
Episode 17: Compton Call Out
Episode 16: The Return of Neva the Diva
Episode 15: Team Kayla vs. Team Dianna
Episode 14: Spilling the Tea Reunion Special
Episode 13: Face the Music! It's the Finale!
Episode 12: They're Coming for Us!!
Episode 11: Neva Gets Even
Episode 10: 3 Strikes, You're Out
Episode 9: Flash Mob Madness
Episode 8: Blow It Up
Episode 7: Bucking Bride
Episode 6: The Wicked Witch of Jackson
Episode 5: Rittany's Revolt
Episode 4: Homecoming Hell
Episode 3: Hell Week
Episode 2: The Bucking Ballerina
Episode 1: Straight Outta Jackson