Broke (2020) (2020)


Genre: Comedy

Plot: Confident, working single-mom-of-one Jackie is shocked when her estranged sister Elizabeth lands on her doorstep along with her outrageously-wealthy husband Javier and his loyal assistant/driver/friend Luis: Javier's father has cut him off, the couple's money has dried up, they need a place to live, and Elizabeth can think of no better place than her family home. Read More



Episode 13: Sammy's Party
Episode 12: The Test
Episode 11: Cinco de Mayo
Episode 10: Sammy's Project
Episode 9: Barry's Back
Episode 8: Soccer
Episode 7: Daddy Issues
Episode 6: Losing My Religion
Episode 5: Dates
Episode 4: Mom's Secret
Episode 3: The Dance
Episode 2: Jobs
Episode 1: Pilot