Building Alaska (2012)


Genre: Documentary

Plot: In one of the most remote and rugged places on the planet, expert hunting guide Bob May has led scores of outdoorsmen and adventurers during their dream trips on the Kenai Peninsula of Alaska. Now it's his turn to do some dreaming. Bob sets out to build the ultimate hunting lodge that will become his own piece of heaven on earth. But even the most rugged Alaskan needs some help from time to time. That's where his son and team of experts come in. Watch as they battle the elements and personal challenges to make a dream home a reality in DIY Network's Building Alaska. Read More



Episode 5: Overload
Episode 8: The Most Amazing View
Episode 7: Gotta Be Efficient
Episode 6: Have Saw, Will Cut
Episode 4: This Is The Sketchy Part
Episode 2: Snowball Effect
Episode 1: A New World of Challenges
Episode 8: Look What They've Done
Episode 7: Not For Beginners
Episode 6: A Fort in the Woods
Episode 3: Moving on to Plan X-ray
Episode 8: End Game
Episode 1: Game On
Episode 11: The Finest Moment
Episode 10: Heads Up
Episode 8: Panic Button
Episode 5: Ninja Framer
Episode 2: Chopper Drop