Burden of Truth (2018)


Genre: Drama , Na

Plot: A mysterious illness targets high school girls and brings lawyer Joanna Hanley back to her hometown. In a town that's as familiar as it is foreign, Joanna seeks to convince the locals that her family's hurried departure when she was a teenager wasn't her doing. She is drawn into the shadowy world of hackers, political movements, and activists. When Joanna becomes the target, someone from her past shows up to try and alter the course of the events. Read More



Episode 8: Standing by Peaceful Waters
Episode 7: Where the Shadows Lie Waiting...
Episode 6: The Homecoming
Episode 5: Spirits in the Material World
Episode 4: Scorched Earth
Episode 3: From Out the Gloomy Rack
Episode 2: Breaking Points
Episode 1: River City
Episode 8: Shelter from the Storm
Episode 7: Name Your Ghosts
Episode 6: It Takes a Village
Episode 5: Crisis of Faith
Episode 4: Desperate Measures
Episode 3: No Fathers and Sons
Episode 2: Wherever You Go
Episode 1: Crawford Chang
Episode 8: The Right Road
Episode 7: Never Face the Hangman
Episode 6: Manic Street Preacher
Episode 5: Hungry, Cold & Tired
Episode 4: Guilt by Association
Episode 3: The Milk of Human Kindness
Episode 2: The Rabbit Hole
Episode 1: Salesman, Cheats and Liars
Episode 10: Cause in Fact
Episode 9: Home to Roost
Episode 8: Hang Together
Episode 7: Ducks on the Pond
Episode 6: Devil in the Desert
Episode 5: Witch Hunt
Episode 4: Family Ties
Episode 3: Still Waters
Episode 2: The Ties That Bind
Episode 1: Pilot