Carter (2018)


Genre: Comedy , Crime , Drama , Mystery , Na

Plot: When Harley Carter was a teenager, he experienced 15 minutes of fame when he solved the mystery of a serial killer plaguing his small town. Now, years later, Harley has become a famous Hollywood actor playing a grown-up version of what he actually was as a kid. And it's wearing on him. After an embarrassing public meltdown in Hollywood, Harley returns to his hometown to take a break but finds that he can't leave solving mysteries behind. Carter taps into his acting experience to become a real-life detective, partnering with (and reconnecting to) his childhood friends, no-nonsense police veteran Sam Shaw and witty, street-wise coffee truck owner, Dave Leigh. Read More



Episode 10: Harley Takes a Bow
Episode 9: Harley Doesn't Get His Man
Episode 8: Harley Gets To Be Best Man
Episode 7: Harley Wanted To Say Bonspiel
Episode 6: Harley Insisted On Wearing Pants
Episode 5: Harley Gets a Hole in One
Episode 4: Harley Gets an Office Job
Episode 3: Harley Gets Replaced
Episode 2: Harley Loses a Finger
Episode 1: Harley Wears a Wig
Episode 10: The Ring
Episode 9: Happy Campers
Episode 8: Voiceover
Episode 7: Kiki-Loki
Episode 6: The Flood
Episode 5: Pig, Man, Lion
Episode 4: Harley's Got a Gun
Episode 3: The Farmhand Who Bought the Farm
Episode 2: The Astronaut & The Lion King
Episode 1: Koji the Killer