Cassandra French's Finishing School (2017)


Genre: Comedy , Romance

Plot: Cassandra French's Finishing School" follows Cassie, (Jessica Renee Russell, "Donny") a 23-year-old overachieving publicist who can't find a guy ready for a mature relationship. After a disastrous one night stand, Cassie takes matters into her own hands when she knocks the unsuspecting guy, Owen, (Calum Worthy, "Austin and Ally") unconscious and decides that the only way to turn things around is to set up a finishing school in her basement to try and teach him how to become a better man. Read More



Episode 8: Homecoming
Episode 7: Finals Week
Episode 6: Health & Fitness
Episode 5: Field Trip
Episode 4: Pop Quiz
Episode 3: Passing Notes
Episode 2: First Days
Episode 1: Breaking Ground