Castlevania (2017)


Genre: Animation , Action , Adventure , Fantasy , Horror , Na

Plot: When Lisa Tepes, beloved wife of Vlad Tepes AKA Dracula is acused of witchcraft and burned at the stake by an overzealous bishop, Dracula declares war on the people of Wallachia and unleashes an army of murderous demonic creatures from hell. Luckily, Trevor Belmont, last survivor of the Belmont clan, a disgraced family known for hunting all kinds of monsters, is still in town and agrees to take the fight to the lord of vampires. Read More



Episode 10: Abandon All Hope
Episode 9: The Harvest
Episode 8: What the Night Brings
Episode 7: Worse Things Than Betrayal
Episode 6: The Good Dream
Episode 5: A Seat of Civilisation and Refinement
Episode 4: I Have a Scheme
Episode 3: Investigators
Episode 2: The Reparation of My Heart
Episode 1: Bless Your Dead Little Hearts
Episode 8: End Times
Episode 7: For Love
Episode 6: The River
Episode 5: Last Spell
Episode 4: Broken Mast
Episode 3: Shadow Battles
Episode 2: Old Homes
Episode 1: War Council
Episode 4: Monument
Episode 3: Labyrinth
Episode 2: Necropolis
Episode 1: Witchbottle