Chef! (1993)


Genre: Comedy

Plot: Gareth Blackstock (Lenny Henry) is a master chef with an obsessive drive for culinary perfection, with no friends or outside interests other than his wife Janice, (Caroline Lee-Johnson) and remarkable verbal talents used primarily to creatively abuse his unfortunate staff of assistant cooks, although he is perfectly prepared to give the same treatment to waiters, management, suppliers, bankers, and, occasionally, customers. Read More



Episode 6: Paris? Jamaica?
Episode 5: Rochelle
Episode 4: Love Is in the Air
Episode 3: Lessons in Talking
Episode 2: Reeny/Renee
Episode 1: Gareth's True Love
Episode 7: England Expects
Episode 6: Private Lives
Episode 5: Masterchef
Episode 4: A Diploma of Miseries
Episode 3: Do the Right Thing
Episode 2: Time Flies
Episode 1: A River Runs Thru It
Episode 6: Rice and Peas
Episode 5: Fame Is the Spur
Episode 4: The Big Cheese
Episode 3: Subject to Contract
Episode 2: Beyond the Pass
Episode 1: Personnel