Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street Television (2017)


Genre: Documentary

Plot: Let’s stop doing things in the kitchen that made sense in the 19th century but not in the 21st. Milk Street travels the world to bring you the very best ideas and techniques with no lists of hard-to-find ingredients, strange cookware, or all-day methods to slow you down. Read More



Episode 21: From Vietnam to Burma
Episode 20: Everyday Turkish Favorites
Episode 19: South American Classics
Episode 18: Chicken the Chinese Way
Episode 17: A Trip to Senegal
Episode 16: New Breads
Episode 15: Middle East Favorites
Episode 14: The Japanese Quick Cook
Episode 13: Chicken from Paris to the Middle East
Episode 12: Porchetta at Home
Episode 11: South African BBQ
Episode 10: Taipei Cooking Lesson
Episode 9: New Mexico, Old Mexico
Episode 8: Tunisian Couscous
Episode 7: Pizza and Pasta
Episode 6: Secrets of Thailand
Episode 4: Japanese Tuesday Nights
Episode 2: Quick Suppers from Madrid
Episode 1: Home Cooking in Taiwan
Episode 13: Japan Fried Chicken
Episode 12: Crazy Noodles
Episode 11: Milk Street Holidays
Episode 10: Milk Street Menu
Episode 9: Not Your Mother's Cake
Episode 6: Milk Street Suppers
Episode 5: Mexico Every Single Day
Episode 4: Tahini Rules!
Episode 3: From Thailand with Love