Clangers (2015) (2015)


Genre: Animation , Family

Plot: Major Clanger and his family are back for more gentle, life-affirming adventures for the whole family, with the first new episodes of The Clangers for over forty years. Read More



Episode 26: Find the Eclipse
Episode 25: Home Sweet Hoot
Episode 24: Dragon Day
Episode 23: Bubble Trouble
Episode 22: Holes
Episode 21: Baby Soup Clanger
Episode 20: Small's New Star
Episode 19: The Singing Asteroid
Episode 18: Major's Meteor
Episode 17: Crash Bang Chicken
Episode 16: Mother's Melody
Episode 15: The Metal Bug
Episode 14: Tiny's Orchestra
Episode 13: In a Spin
Episode 12: Lonely as a Cloud
Episode 11: Space Tangle
Episode 10: The Curious Tunnel
Episode 9: The Crystal Trees
Episode 8: Tiny's Lullaby
Episode 7: The Giant Plant
Episode 6: I Am the Eggbot
Episode 5: The Flying Froglets
Episode 3: In The Soup
Episode 2: The Little Thing
Episode 1: The Lost Notes