Crimes That Shook Australia (2014)


Genre: Documentary , Biography , Crime

Plot: Hosted by Matt Doran (Season 3) and Stan Grant (Seasons 1&2), this series investigates Australian crimes that upset and stunned the nation. Using gripping interviews with people at the heart of the tragedies, drama reconstructions and archival footage, it details the events leading up to the crime, the crime itself and the aftermath of the biggest crimes ever committed in Australia. Read More



Episode 10: Jill Meagher
Episode 9: The Walsh Street Massacre
Episode 8: Patricia Byers
Episode 7: Raymund Edmunds
Episode 6: Morgan Huxley
Episode 5: Anu Singh
Episode 3: The Queen Street Massacre
Episode 2: The Bega Schoolgirl Murders
Episode 1: Snowtown: The Bodies In The Barrels Murders
Episode 4: Darcey Freeman
Episode 3: The Strathfield Massacre
Episode 2: Peter Falconio
Episode 1: Robert Farquharson
Episode 6: Derek Percy
Episode 4: Jason Downie
Episode 2: The Port Arthur Tragedy
Episode 1: Ebony Simpson