Dallas (2012) (2012)


Genre: Drama , Romance

Plot: John Ross and Christopher, the children of bitter rivals and brothers J.R. and Bobby Ewing, clash over the future of the Ewing dynasty, while the fate of SouthFork weighs in the balance. The current proprietor of SouthFork, Bobby Ewing, is determined to protect the promise he made to his late mother Miss Ellie. The infamous, scheming J.R. Ewing returns to SouthFork. Read More



Episode 14: Endgame
Episode 13: Boxed In
Episode 12: Victims of Love
Episode 11: Hurt
Episode 10: Dead Reckoning
Episode 9: Denial, Anger, Acceptance
Episode 8: Where There's Smoke
Episode 7: Like a Bad Penny
Episode 6: Like Father, Like Son
Episode 5: D.T.R.
Episode 4: Lifting the Veil
Episode 3: Playing Chicken
Episode 2: Trust Me
Episode 1: The Return
Episode 15: Legacies
Episode 14: Guilt By Association
Episode 13: Love & Family
Episode 12: A Call To Arms
Episode 11: Let Me In
Episode 10: Guilt & Innocence
Episode 9: Ewings Unite!
Episode 8: J.R.'s Masterpiece
Episode 7: The Furious And The Fast
Episode 6: Blame Game
Episode 5: Trial And Error
Episode 4: False Confessions
Episode 3: Sins Of The Father
Episode 2: Venomous Creatures
Episode 1: Battle Lines
Episode 10: Revelations
Episode 9: Family Business
Episode 8: No Good Deed
Episode 7: Collateral Damage
Episode 6: The Enemy Of My Enemy
Episode 5: Truth And Consequences
Episode 4: The Last Hurrah
Episode 3: The Price You Pay
Episode 2: Hedging Your Bets
Episode 1: Changing Of The Guard