Dave Gorman: Modern Life is Goodish (2013)


Genre: Comedy

Plot: Dave Gorman performs a series of witty stand-up shows, exclusive to Dave. The bearded wonder takes a sideways look at the messages we receive every day. Read More



Episode 7: A Physically Large Head
Episode 6: Drippy Strummer
Episode 5: It Does Not Bong
Episode 3: A Helicopter Is Quicker Than a Car
Episode 6: Spray Gravy
Episode 4: Vicars, Horses, Doctors and Smurfs
Episode 3: That's What Debt Actually is, Actually
Episode 2: If You Put a Sausage in it, It's Not a Viennetta
Episode 1: It Was an Accident and I Was Hospitalised
Episode 8: A German Tradition
Episode 7: That's What We Grow In
Episode 6: Stuck On Level 342
Episode 5: Negative Nancy
Episode 4: Too-Ra Taloo Rhy-Eh
Episode 3: Ova Is Latin. For Eggs
Episode 2: The Veneer of Civilisation
Episode 1: Why Are There Still Chickens?