Deadliest Warrior (2009)


Genre: Action , Game-show , History

Plot: Throughout history, there have been great warriors who have made their mark in battle, but how they could have matched up against each other is a mystery. This series endeavors to solve that mystery with various matchups of such warrior classes. With a systematic examination of their physical and cultural qualities, training and weapons, a field of experts strive to find the real facts of such warriors. When the research is compete, each episode ends with a simulated battle to see who is truly the deadliest warrior. Read More



Episode 10: Vampires vs. Zombies
Episode 9: French Foreign Legion vs. Gurkhas
Episode 8: Crazy Horse vs. Pancho Villa
Episode 7: Ivan the Terrible vs. Hernan Cortes
Episode 6: Teddy Roosevelt vs. Lawrence of Arabia
Episode 5: Saddam Hussein vs. Pol Pot
Episode 4: Genghis Khan vs. Hannibal
Episode 3: U.S. Army Rangers vs. North Korean Special Operations Forces
Episode 2: Joan of Arc vs. William the Conqueror
Episode 1: George Washington vs. Napoleon