Decker (2014)


Genre: Action , Comedy , Crime , Thriller

Plot: Left-leaning, cowardly President Davidson is the worst president in American history. Luckily for America, conservative CIA agent Jack Decker (Tim Heidecker) is here to protect our nation. Decker risks his life fighting against terrorism and the dominant liberal establishment, assisted by Special Agent, master code-breaker, and film buff Jonathan Kington (Gregg Turkington). Together, the two are putting America first in an effort to make it great again. In-universe, Decker is the directorial debut and passion project of Tim Heidecker, who also hosts a film review podcast with Gregg, and is the lead singer in his band, Dekkar. Read More



Episode 6: Space Wall
Episode 5: Rock and a Hard Place
Episode 3: DavidsonCare
Episode 1: Lesser of Two Evils
Episode 2: Promises Kept
Episode 1: Sonrise