Department S (1969)


Genre: Action , Adventure , Crime , Drama , Horror , Mystery , Sci-fi , Thriller

Plot: An elite department within Interpol, Department S inherited those cases which the other member groups had failed to solve. The brains of the group was Jason King, a hedonistic maverick who wrote mystery novels and solved real-life crimes by projecting himself into the shoes of his fictional hero, Mark Caine. American Stewart Sullivan was the fighter and pragmatist of the group, as down to Earth and cynical as Jason was flighty and flamboyant. Annabelle Hurst was their scientist and analyst, whom Jason often accused of loving nothing in the world except her computer. Although there was strong loyalty amongst the trio, there was also a lot of competition, especially between Annabelle and Jason, who seldom agreed on any theory and were continually trying to show each other up by solving the case using their preferred methods. The head of Department S was Sir Curtis Seretse. Read More



Episode 28: The Soup of the Day
Episode 27: The Bones of Byrom Blaine
Episode 26: A Small War of Nerves
Episode 25: A Fish out of Water
Episode 24: Spencer Bodily Is Sixty Years Old
Episode 23: The Mysterious Man in the Flying Machine
Episode 22: The Duplicated Man
Episode 21: The Perfect Operation
Episode 20: Death on Reflection
Episode 19: The Man from X
Episode 18: The Ghost of Mary Burnham
Episode 17: Last Train to Redbridge
Episode 16: A Ticket to Nowhere
Episode 15: Dead Men Die Twice
Episode 14: The Shift That Never Was
Episode 13: Les Fleurs du Mal
Episode 12: The Man Who Got a New Face
Episode 11: Who Plays the Dummy?
Episode 10: The Treasure of the Costa del Sol
Episode 9: The Double Death of Charlie Crippen
Episode 8: Black Out
Episode 7: Handicap Dead
Episode 6: The Man in the Elegant Room
Episode 5: One of Our Aircraft Is Empty
Episode 4: The Pied Piper of Hambledown
Episode 3: A Cellar Full of Silence
Episode 1: Six Days