Diesel Brothers (2016)


Genre: Reality-tv

Plot: A group of friends in Utah own and operate a business that specializes in all things diesel. These guys don't just sell parts for diesel trucks and jeeps, they also design and build some of the biggest, baddest, and most amazing diesel powered vehicles you will ever see. Watch as they create these awesome masterpieces of American craftsmanship and enjoy all the antics they get into while doing it. Read More



Episode 6: Brat vs. Eagle
Episode 5: A Tank, An Eagle And A Brat
Episode 4: Tanks a Lot
Episode 3: Release the Kraken
Episode 2: A Kraken Kodiak
Episode 1: Back With a Kodiak
Episode 5: Get Pitted
Episode 4: Detroit Diesel Brothers
Episode 3: Don't Tread on Diesel
Episode 2: Blazer of Glory
Episode 1: Diesel Brothers Vs. The World
Episode 8: Monster Jump Live
Episode 7: Prepare For Liftoff
Episode 6: When Trucks Fly
Episode 5: Failure To Launch
Episode 4: Raising Heli
Episode 3: Now Departing: Diesel Air
Episode 2: Diesel Dave is my Co-Pilot
Episode 1: Soar Like a Diesel
Episode 8: Tuff Truck Takedown
Episode 7: Yes Way, Jose
Episode 6: De-Ice Ice Baby
Episode 5: Diesel Defender
Episode 4: Yo Soy Diesel
Episode 3: 2 Wheel Drive
Episode 2: School Is In Session
Episode 1: Big Bro Bus
Episode 9: Hurricanes, Trucks and Snowmobiles
Episode 8: Bros To The Rescue!
Episode 7: Not So Easy Rider
Episode 6: Thunder or Lightning
Episode 5: Wham, Bam, C10 Slam
Episode 4: Clash of the Titan
Episode 3: Snow Job
Episode 2: 3 Axles and a Baby
Episode 1: Race Against the Machine
Episode 10: Good Bros and Goodbyes
Episode 9: Flippin' Diesel
Episode 8: Somersault
Episode 7: Epic Fail of the Year
Episode 6: Truck Norris
Episode 5: Motors and Rotors
Episode 4: Hummer Time
Episode 3: Feed the Beast-Mode
Episode 2: There Will Be Mud
Episode 1: Callout Fallout
Episode 8: Busting At The SEMA
Episode 7: Abominable SnowRam
Episode 6: From Sweden With Love
Episode 5: The Hole-y Grail
Episode 4: Truck Vs. Train
Episode 3: Hell Camino
Episode 2: Tows Before Bros...
Episode 1: Free Willy's