Dino Dan (2009)


Genre: Family

Plot: A 10 year old boy named Dan Henderson is a boy who is a really big fan of dinosaurs. He loves dinosaurs so much he can actually see them in real life but no one else can. Join Dan as he goes on marvelous adventures in the world of dinosaurs coming to his city. Read More



Episode 13: Dino Watering Hole
Episode 12: Air Dino
Episode 11: The Dino Did It
Episode 10: To Catch a Dino
Episode 9: Ready? Set? Dino!
Episode 8: Cops & Dinos
Episode 7: Prehistoric Zoo
Episode 6: Training Wings
Episode 5: Dino Party
Episode 4: T-Rex Bedtime
Episode 3: Dino Doug
Episode 2: Dino Trackers
Episode 1: Fishing For Dinos
Episode 25: Moody Dino
Episode 22: Where's Dino?
Episode 18: Active Imagination
Episode 17: Dino Dent
Episode 16: Lunch Bag Bandit
Episode 15: Copy Dino
Episode 14: Model Dino
Episode 13: A Pterosaur in the House
Episode 12: A Winter Tail
Episode 11: He Shoots, He Roars
Episode 10: Gas-o-saurus
Episode 9: The Case of the Mystery Dino
Episode 8: Dinosicles
Episode 7: Tooth or Consequences
Episode 6: Art for Pterosaur's Sake
Episode 4: Trouble Clef
Episode 3: Masked Confusion
Episode 2: Bones in the Backyard
Episode 1: The Chicken or the Dino