Dora and Friends: Into the City! (2014)


Genre: Animation , Adventure , Family

Plot: Dora goes to school and lives in Playa Verde, which is a city. Together with the explorer girls Emma, Kate, Naiya, and Alana and her only male companion, Pablo, Dora and her friends work together and go on amazing adventures while discovering the secrets of their city. Dora has a magical charm bracelet and a smart phone, complete with an app version of the previous Map to aid her. Her friend Kate is fond of drama, while Emma loves music. Alana is tomboyish but loves animals, Naiya is smart and loves to read, and Pablo loves playing soccer. Read More



Episode 21: Return to Rainbow Rock
Episode 20: The Bridge to Caballee
Episode 19: Shivers the Snowman
Episode 18: Alana's Food Truck
Episode 17: A Sockin Good Party
Episode 16: Kate and Quackers
Episode 15: The Lost Necklace
Episode 14: For the Birds
Episode 13: Kate Gives Puppets a Hand
Episode 12: Emma's Violin
Episode 11: Soccer Chef
Episode 10: Gymnastics Tournament of Light
Episode 9: The Princess and the Kate
Episode 8: Magical Night Circus
Episode 7: A Swiper Emergency
Episode 6: Kite Day
Episode 5: Coconut CumpleaƱos
Episode 4: Community Garden
Episode 3: The Ballerina and the Troll Prince
Episode 2: Return to the Rainforest
Episode 1: Kate's Book
Episode 20: Dragon in the School Part 2
Episode 19: Dragon in the School Part 1
Episode 18: Trick or Treat
Episode 17: Dora in Clockland
Episode 16: S'More Camping
Episode 15: We Save the Music
Episode 14: Puppy Princess Rescue Part 2
Episode 13: Puppy Princess Rescue Part 1
Episode 12: Magical Mermaid Adventure
Episode 11: Buddy Race
Episode 10: The Search for Mono
Episode 9: Mystery of the Magic Horses
Episode 8: Puppet Theater
Episode 7: Dora Saves Opera Land
Episode 6: Magic Land!
Episode 5: The Royal Ball
Episode 4: The Magic Ring
Episode 3: Dance Party
Episode 2: We Save a Pirate Ship
Episode 1: Doggie Day