Double Dragon (1993)


Genre: Animation , Action , Adventure , Family

Plot: Double Dragon is a syndicated cartoon spin-off from the famous video game Double Dragon which came into the video game market in the late 1980s. Double Dragon premiered on September 12, 1993. The story is about the aftermath of the separation of the twin brothers, Billy and Jimmy Lee. Billy Lee was raised by the Oldest Dragon at the Dragon Dojo in the art of the Dragon, where he turned out to be the Dragon Master. Jimmy Lee was trained by the Shadow Master at the Shadow Dojo in the evil art of the Shadow, he eventually became the Shadow Boss. Now, the two brothers have to battle against each other in what is bound to be an exciting adventure. The show is produced by Dic Entertainment and distrubuted by Bohbot Entertainment. Read More



Episode 13: RPM
Episode 12: Daj of the Undertown Dragons
Episode 11: The Return of the Shadowmonster
Episode 10: Ancients Arrive
Episode 9: The Sight of Freedom
Episode 8: Shadow Conned
Episode 7: The Spirit in the Sword
Episode 6: Undertown
Episode 5: Superhighway Warriors
Episode 4: Doom Claw
Episode 3: Virtual Reality Bytes
Episode 2: Shadow Claw
Episode 1: Shadow Khan
Episode 13: The Eye of the Dragon
Episode 12: The Abyss
Episode 11: The Heart of the Matter
Episode 10: Call to Arms
Episode 9: Dragon Hunt
Episode 8: Judgment Day
Episode 7: Rebirth
Episode 6: Over the Line
Episode 5: River of Tears
Episode 4: The Price of Oblivion
Episode 3: The Mistress of Chi
Episode 2: The Legend Continues
Episode 1: The Shadow Falls