Duck Dodgers (1953)


Genre: Animation , Short , Action , Adventure , Comedy , Family , Fantasy , Sci-fi

Plot: The animated Duck Dodgers television series ran for three seasons beginning in 2003 and was inspired by the 1953 Merrie Melodies cartoon "Duck Dodgers in the 24 1/2th Century"--essentially a spoof of science fiction book series Buck Rogers in the 25th Century and Flash Gordon. The series stars Daffy Duck as Duck Dodgers, a hapless duck frozen for three centuries, thawed in the 24 1/2th century, and then assigned by Chief Scientist Dr. Ignatius Q "I.Q." Hi to defend Earth from the Martians, who are ruled by the Martian Queen and protected by Martian commander X-2 (played by Marvin Martian). Duck Dodgers is an egotistical featherbrain who's easily distractible, so it often falls to his sidekick Cadet, played by Porky Pig, to hold things together and guide the team toward successfully completing its missions. In the 13 episodes included in this first season, each of which generally comprises two stories, Duck Dodgers repeatedly battles his archenemy X-2, but his attraction to the Martian Queen often complicates his missions, as does his sporadic realization that he and X-2 really have quite a lot in common. Among Duck Dodgers's other foes are a pollen-belching plant that causes accelerated aging (unless you're of Martian heritage, in which case it causes age regression), a fat-sucking vampire, a look-alike prisoner, a hoard of Martian gophers, pirate Long John Silver the 23rd, Nasty Canasta, and even Ed McMahon. Other notable episodes include "The Green Loontern," in which a mix-up at the local dry cleaners lands Duck Dodgers in the middle of a Green Lantern battle; "Where's Baby Smarty Pants?," when Duck Dodgers is tasked with transporting a wise-beyond-his-years baby and ends up discovering a hidden talent for impersonations; and "Hooray for Hollywood Planet," where there's much poking of fun at the process and artistic liberties involved in turning a "true story" into a successful Hollywood film. The Duck Dodgers series is a great blend of zany cartoon fun and space Read More



Episode 22: Bonafide Heroes
Episode 21: Ridealong Calamity
Episode 20: In Space, No One Can Hear You Rock
Episode 19: All in the Crime Family
Episode 18: Master and Disaster
Episode 17: A Lame Duck Mind
Episode 16: Consumption Overruled
Episode 15: Good Duck Hunting
Episode 14: The Fins of War
Episode 13: Too Close for Combat
Episode 12: The Six Wazillion Dollar Duck
Episode 11: Corporate Pigfall
Episode 10: Diamond Boogie
Episode 9: That's Lifomatica
Episode 8: The Best of Captains, The Worst of Captains
Episode 7: Clean Bill of Health
Episode 6: Boar to Be Riled
Episode 5: Win, Lose or Duck
Episode 4: The Kids Are All Wrong
Episode 3: Just the Two of Us
Episode 2: Villainstruck
Episode 1: Till Doom Do Us Part
Episode 22: Of Course You Know This Means War and Peace (2)
Episode 21: Of Course You Know This Means War and Peace (1)
Episode 20: Samurai Quack
Episode 19: Surf the Stars
Episode 18: Castle High
Episode 17: Diva Delivery
Episode 16: Old McDodgers
Episode 15: M.M.O.R.P.D.
Episode 14: Deconstructing Dodgers
Episode 13: Deathmatch Duck
Episode 12: I See Duck People
Episode 11: The Mark of Xero
Episode 10: The Fudd
Episode 9: The Love Duck
Episode 8: The New Cadet
Episode 7: The Love of a Father
Episode 6: Talent Show a Go-Go
Episode 5: K-9 Quarry
Episode 4: The Menace of Maninsuit
Episode 3: Pet Peeved
Episode 2: Invictus Interruptus
Episode 1: Pig Planet
Episode 23: Duck Departure
Episode 22: Enemy Yours
Episode 21: Back to the Academy
Episode 20: The Queen is Wild
Episode 19: Hooray for Hollywood Planet
Episode 18: To Love a Duck
Episode 17: Quarterback Quack
Episode 16: The Green Loontern
Episode 15: They Stole Dodgers' Brain
Episode 14: The Wrath of Canasta
Episode 13: Shiver Me Dodgers
Episode 12: Pig of Action
Episode 11: K-9 Kaddy
Episode 10: Detained Duck
Episode 9: I'm Going to Get You Fat Sucka
Episode 8: Where's Baby Smartypants?
Episode 7: Duck Codgers
Episode 6: The Spy Who Didn't Love Me
Episode 5: Duck Deception
Episode 4: The Fast and the Feathery
Episode 3: The Fowl Friend
Episode 2: Big Bug Mamas
Episode 1: The Trial of Duck Dodgers