Dude, You're Screwed (2013)


Genre: Reality-tv

Plot: Whose turn is it to play the game? In DUDE, YOU'RE SCREWED, five of the world's most elite, thrill-seeking survivalists will find out! Unprepared and left to fend for yourself, what would you do if you were captured, blindfolded and taken to an unknown, remote location? Five survivalists must prove they have what it takes week after week as they play this "game" that puts all of their skills to the ultimate test. Read More



Episode 8: No-Sleep Nightmare
Episode 7: Island of Death
Episode 6: Pain in the Neck
Episode 5: The Hunger Game
Episode 4: Death Row
Episode 3: Mayan Sacrifice
Episode 2: African Ambush
Episode 1: Epic Fail
Episode 7: Deadly Inferno
Episode 6: Arctic Disaster
Episode 5: Dead Man Walking
Episode 4: Conquering Alaska
Episode 3: Green Hell
Episode 2: Embrace the Suck
Episode 1: Volcano Nightmare