Ellen's Game of Games (2017)


Genre: Game-show

Plot: Host Ellen DeGeneres brings her mischievous flair for fun to the primetime stage with supersized versions of some of the most popular games from her daytime show. In a collection of brand-new challenges, contestants from the studio audience compete for a big cash prize. As participants maneuver obstacles, answer trivia questions and play her signature games, Ellen is always at the center of it all, orchestrating unpredictable fun, narrating the madness and making sure everyone has a great time! Read More



Episode 20: From the Window to the Taj Mah Wall
Episode 19: Danger's My Middle Game
Episode 18: Wife of the Party
Episode 17: Burst of Knowledge is Power
Episode 16: Peaky Blindfolds
Episode 15: Get Dizzy with It
Episode 14: Fake It 'til You Make It Rain
Episode 13: All I Do Is Twin
Episode 12: If You're Not First, You're Blast
Episode 10: A Picture is Worth 1,000 Danger Words
Episode 9: It Takes Three to Dangle
Episode 8: That Oh Ship Has Sailed
Episode 7: You Heard It Hear Burst
Episode 6: Dash Test Dummies
Episode 5: Aw Snap Out of It
Episode 4: I'm King of the Twirl
Episode 3: Slime Every Mountain
Episode 2: Tanks for the Memories
Episode 1: Drop Goes the Loser
Episode 16: Do You Believe in Life After Suds
Episode 14: Sweet Foam Alabama
Episode 13: Life in the Blast Lane
Episode 12: I Will Always Love Goo
Episode 11: Bye Bye Ms. American Pumpkin Pie
Episode 10: Another Brick in the Taj Mah Wall
Episode 9: Party in the Goo. S. A.
Episode 7: Girls Just Wanna Have Pudding
Episode 6: Ain't No Mt. Saint Ellen High Enough
Episode 4: Highway to the Danger Word
Episode 2: So Put Another Coin in the Blaster Baby
Episode 1: It's Been a Hard Maze Night
Episode 13: Say Whaat Women Want
Episode 11: Oh Shipwrecked
Episode 10: Beauty and the Boots
Episode 9: Danger Word War Z
Episode 8: Gone With the Win
Episode 7: Life As We Know Or Go It
Episode 6: One Eyed Monster's Inc.
Episode 5: The Sound Of Musical Chairs
Episode 4: Air Force One Eyed Monster
Episode 3: Parent Snapped
Episode 2: The Stink Tank Strikes Back
Episode 8: I See Dizzy People
Episode 7: Ellen, We Have a Problem
Episode 6: You Can't Handle the Toothpaste
Episode 5: Just Keep Spinning
Episode 4: Hasta La Vista, Honey!
Episode 3: Say Hello to My Little Friends
Episode 2: I'll Have What She's Playing
Episode 1: Game of Games