Emergence (2019)


Genre: Drama , Mystery , Sci-fi

Plot: A police chief takes in a young child she finds near the site of a mysterious accident who has no memory of what has happened. The investigation draws her into a conspiracy larger than she ever imagined, and the child’s identity is at the center of it all. Read More



Episode 13: Killshot (2)
Episode 12: Killshot (1)
Episode 11: Applied Sciences
Episode 10: 15 Years
Episode 9: Where You Belong
Episode 8: American Chestnut
Episode 7: Fatal Exception
Episode 6: Mile Marker 14
Episode 5: RDZ9021
Episode 4: No Outlet
Episode 3: 2 MG CU BID
Episode 2: Camera Wheelbarrow Tiger Pillow
Episode 1: Pilot