Engineering Catastrophes (2018)


Genre: Documentary

Plot: WORLD'S GREATEST ENGINEERING CATASTROPHES is going to profile, investigate, analyze and find solutions for the world's most unbelievable engineering blunders - great and small. From the hilarious to the gobsmackingly stupid, from the deadly to the bank-busting, we'll have them all in this punchy new format. Read More



Episode 11: Apollo 13: The Secret Evidence
Episode 10: Deepwater Disaster
Episode 9: Olympic Stadium Fiasco
Episode 8: Boston's Big Dig Disaster
Episode 7: Chicago's Tower Of Terror
Episode 6: Houston's Hurricane Hell
Episode 4: Terror in Tacoma
Episode 3: Curse of the Devil's Dam
Episode 2: Nightmare in Florida
Episode 1: Curse of the Swamp Monster
Episode 12: Explosions from Hell
Episode 11: When Demolitions Go Wrong
Episode 10: Ghost Town from Hell
Episode 9: NASA Under Pressure
Episode 8: Highway to Hell
Episode 7: Sins of Ghost Vegas
Episode 6: Hell Fire USA
Episode 5: Terror at Doomsday Dam
Episode 4: The Towering Inferno
Episode 3: Nightmare on Main Street
Episode 1: Hell Tower NYC
Episode 3: Leaning Towers of Terror
Episode 2: Peril at the Airport
Episode 1: Stadium Disaster