Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files (2010)


Genre: Documentary , Sci-fi

Plot: Heading up the Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files team is Ben Hansen, a former FBI agent who found that his love of the paranormal was greater than his love for the Agency. Now, he leads a young team of intrepid investigators who will convene to dissect the latest unusual images and decide whether they merit further investigation. Grainy videos will be brought to life using the latest in 3D modeling, and Ben will make the final choice which cases will require a trip into the field. Once an investigation is underway, the team will talk to witnesses, carry out experiments using the latest in high tech detection devices, collect physical samples, and determine whether a case should be debunked, or whether it's a baffling paranormal mystery that might even put the team in danger. It's all in a day's work for the dogged investigators of Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files. Read More



Episode 12: Stonehenge Secrets; Iceland Worm Monster
Episode 11: Surveillance Specter; Morgue Mystery
Episode 10: Into the Vortex; Tavern Shapeshifter
Episode 9: Graveyard Lightning; Truck Stop Terror
Episode 8: Florida Woodland UFO; Black Forest Entity
Episode 7: Glowing Gargoyle/Phantom Feline
Episode 6: Reptile Rampage/Gasoline Ghoul
Episode 5: Battleship UFO
Episode 4: Pride House Specter/Bluegrass Bigfoot
Episode 3: Vanishing Victim/Sky Serpent
Episode 2: Bay Area Hysteria/Jersey Shore Haunting
Episode 1: The Grim Sleeper/The Real Mr. Freeze
Episode 12: Bar Fright & Mexico City Cave Witch
Episode 11: Old West Haunting & Freeway Flyer
Episode 10: Asylum Apparition & Mystery Over Mexico
Episode 9: Sinister Spirals & Flying Saucers
Episode 8: Area 51 & Cajun Apparition
Episode 7: UFO Crash Landing & Graveyard Ghost
Episode 6: Whaley Ghost House & Muck Monster
Episode 5: Dashcam Chupacabra & Nightly News Alien
Episode 4: Playground Poltergeist & Alien Intruder
Episode 3: Raining Ufo's & Ectoplasmic Pic
Episode 2: Thermal Theater Ghost & Fire In The Sky
Episode 1: The Real Battle of LA & Queen Mary Menace
Episode 12: Bayou Beast & River Ghost
Episode 11: Lunar Landing Hoax & Tropical Intruder
Episode 10: Mystery Mermaid & Ghostly Guardian
Episode 9: Sasquatch Sprint & Alien Attacker
Episode 8: Symphonic Spirits & Hovering Humanoids
Episode 7: Haunted Mansion Mist & Starlight Intruder
Episode 6: The Caretaker & Cutter
Episode 5: Blazing Horizon & Rollover
Episode 4: Predator & Red Sky At Night
Episode 3: Off the Deep End & Houseguest
Episode 2: Unwanted Visitors & Strange Sightings
Episode 1: Burning Rubber & Hyperjump