Fight of the Living Dead (2016)


Genre: Reality-tv , Sci-fi

Plot: Watch 10 YouTube stars face the ultimate battle to survive in Fight of the Living Dead: Experiment 88. Coming in August. In this YouTube Red Original Series, 10 of your favorite YouTube stars are thrown into a simulated zombie apocalypse and forced to fight their way through an abandoned hospital. Pushed to their mental and physical breaking points they’ll have to work together, or they’ll die together. No phones, no internet, no escape. Who will survive? Read More



Episode 7: Helllooo Jimmie
Episode 6: Get In-Formation
Episode 4: Help Wanted
Episode 3: It Takes 2 to Tango
Episode 1: Welcome to Paradise
Episode 7: Survival
Episode 6: Tests
Episode 5: Trust No One
Episode 4: Showdown
Episode 2: Help is Found
Episode 1: It Begins!