Finding Escobar's Millions (2017)


Genre: Documentary

Plot: Pablo Escobar was the boss of the Medellin cartel. During the 70's 80's and early 90's the Medellin cartel was responsible for up to 80% of the cocaine coming into the U.S. Some believe he was worth around $100 billion U.S and it's also believed that a large amount of it has been buried in the ground in Colombia. Two ex-CIA agents and their team go on a search throughout Colombia to see what they can dig up. Whatever they're able to dig up they are rewarded with 5-10% of it. Read More



Episode 6: Endgame
Episode 5: The Chemist
Episode 4: Pablo's Inner Circle
Episode 3: Family Jewels
Episode 2: What's In The Box?
Episode 1: Bring in the DEA
Episode 6: The X
Episode 5: The Good Life
Episode 4: The Jungle
Episode 3: The Prisoner
Episode 2: The Family
Episode 1: The Don