Flea Market Flip (2012)


Genre: Reality-tv

Plot: In each episode of Flea Market Flip, contestants search flea markets for secondhand items that they can buy, fix and then 'flip' for a profit. Lara Spencer, a passionate lifelong "flipper" who also appears on Good Morning America, hosts the series. Each week she assigns two-person teams a "flip list" of projects they need to accomplish to win the competition. With a budget of about $500, the teams scour a flea market in search of specific project items, such as a set of old chairs to reupholster or an item that can be repurposed. The team that does the best job of turning trash into cash will emerge victorious in this winner-takes-all competition. Read More



Episode 14: Shake Your Money Maker!
Episode 13: Time to Make Some Dough
Episode 12: This Flip is Electrified!
Episode 10: A Hot One at the Flea!
Episode 8: Slinging Mudcloth
Episode 7: Hey, Big Spenders!
Episode 3: Mommy and Me at the Flea
Episode 1: Rainy Day Specials
Episode 13: Star Time at the Flea
Episode 7: Making The Flipping Grade
Episode 8: Don't Mess with Texas
Episode 13: The Lovers' Quarrel
Episode 12: Zen and The Art of Flipping
Episode 11: Flip Like Your Mama
Episode 10: For Better or For Worse
Episode 8: Everyone's a Twinner!
Episode 1: The Chicken Coop Showdown
Episode 14: Battle for the Jersey Shore
Episode 13: Head-to-Head Flip
Episode 12: Bloggers To Flip For
Episode 11: Too Close to Call
Episode 10: Couples that Flip Together
Episode 8: Daughters to Flip For
Episode 4: New Age Flip
Episode 3: Off to the Races
Episode 2: Best on the Block
Episode 1: Battle of the Olympians
Episode 9: DIY Daters vs. Bickering Buds
Episode 6: The Flipping Unicorn
Episode 5: Battle of the Boroughs
Episode 4: Sky-High Flipping
Episode 3: The Vignette Flip
Episode 2: Gypsies vs. Gents
Episode 1: Rockers vs. Besties
Episode 14: Eclectic vs. Frequent Flippers
Episode 11: Hair-Flipping Fab
Episode 1: Flipping Happy Hour
Episode 12: The Moose Is Loose!
Episode 1: Rockers v. Designing Moms
Episode 6: No Cement
Episode 5: Roomies
Episode 1: Battle of the Chaise
Episode 3: Down To The Penny
Episode 2: Four's The Lucky Number
Episode 1: Flea Market Flip