Food Factory (CA) (2012)


Genre: Documentary

Plot: Behind each bag of chips, can of beer, candy bar, or loaf of bread, lies a mega-industrial production line that brings each product to the masses. Introducing Food Factory, a mesmerizing peek behind the scenes of the weird and wonderful processes that produce everyone's favourite foods. From raw materials to finished products, Food Factory reveals in awe-inspiring detail how mass-produced favourites are really made. Put on a hardhat and get ready to meet the food! Written by Cineflix Read More



Episode 26: Red Hot Delight
Episode 25: Easy As Pie
Episode 24: Pipe Dreams
Episode 23: Brine Time
Episode 22: Miso Hungry
Episode 21: Working For Peanuts
Episode 20: Juiced Up
Episode 19: From Argentina With Love
Episode 18: Ready For This Jelly
Episode 17: Pepper Party
Episode 16: Just the Flax
Episode 15: Let's TalkTofurky
Episode 14: Chocolate Under Wraps
Episode 12: Cuckoo for Coconuts
Episode 11: My Cup Runneth Over
Episode 10: Green with Envy
Episode 9: Crepe Escape
Episode 8: Fishing for Spuds
Episode 7: Lights, Camera, Popcorn
Episode 6: Viva Los Churros
Episode 5: Everyday is Sundae
Episode 4: Pasta Straight Up
Episode 3: Gold Bars
Episode 2: Shaken not Stirred
Episode 1: Pop Goes the Cake
Episode 26: Haloween II
Episode 25: Halloween I
Episode 24: Pasta Master
Episode 23: Breakfast in Shred
Episode 22: Six Into Eight
Episode 21: Thirst Quencher
Episode 20: A Trip to Dijon
Episode 19: Hot Stuff!
Episode 18: Rock Around the Choc
Episode 17: What a Hunk!
Episode 16: A Taste of Japan
Episode 15: The Perfect Burger
Episode 14: Plenty of Fish
Episode 13: Fries, With a Twist
Episode 12: Berry, Berry Tasty
Episode 11: Give It a Whirl
Episode 10: In A Pickle
Episode 9: Fantastic Flavours
Episode 8: Sweet and Savoury
Episode 7: A Chocolate Orange
Episode 6: Snow and Ice
Episode 5: Nuts About Brittle
Episode 4: Get Fruity
Episode 3: Ice Cup of Tea
Episode 2: From Candy to a Baby
Episode 1: Smell The Coffee
Episode 26: Yule Love This
Episode 25: The House that Santa Built
Episode 24: Where You Bean?
Episode 23: Chip Off The Old Block
Episode 22: Not Tonight Josephine
Episode 21: Put The Kettle On
Episode 20: Over the Rainbow
Episode 19: The Rocky Road
Episode 18: Abba Zaba Doo
Episode 17: The Name's Boondi
Episode 16: Welch Rare-Bite
Episode 15: Hill of Beans
Episode 14: Fancy A Sausage Roll?
Episode 13: Chee Cha Sambur
Episode 12: Use Your Noodle
Episode 11: Colourful Candy
Episode 10: From Sugar With Love
Episode 9: Double Trouble
Episode 8: Tikka My Breath Away
Episode 7: Getting Saucy
Episode 6: Spring in Georgia
Episode 5: Cut The Mustard
Episode 4: Food Fortunes
Episode 3: All Bar Naan
Episode 2: Salty and Sweet
Episode 1: All You Cone Eat
Episode 26: In the Hot House
Episode 25: The Cream of the Crop
Episode 24: This is Toast
Episode 23: Gone Fishing
Episode 22: Hitting the Trail
Episode 21: Like Momma Makes
Episode 20: Mousse Hunting
Episode 19: Totally Tropical
Episode 18: Hot Potato
Episode 17: Going Crackers
Episode 16: Full Steam Ahead
Episode 15: Come Fly With Me
Episode 14: Flour Power
Episode 13: Holy Pierogy
Episode 12: Pasta the Olives
Episode 11: From Toffee to Coffee
Episode 10: In a Jam
Episode 9: A Taste Of India
Episode 8: Whipping It Up
Episode 7: Crunch Time
Episode 6: Sweet as Sugar
Episode 5: Smoking Salmon
Episode 4: Pasta the Ice Cream
Episode 3: A Griller Thriller
Episode 2: The Big Apple
Episode 1: Warhol Soup