F/X: The Series (1996)


Genre: Action , Crime , Drama

Plot: F/X: The Series is a television series based on the film F/X, starring Cameron Daddo, Christina Cox, Kevin Dobson, Jacqueline Torres, Carrie-Anne Moss and Jason Blicker. It ran for 40 episodes from 1996 through 1998. Much or all of the show was filmed in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The opening sequence ended with a television crew in the foreground loading trucks, and an enormous advertisement for The Phantom of the Opera, of which a theatrical production was showing in Toronto at the time. Read More



Episode 22: Script Doctor
Episode 21: Reunion
Episode 20: Bad Influence
Episode 19: Get Fast
Episode 18: Quicksilver
Episode 17: Double Image
Episode 16: Gemini
Episode 15: Shivaree
Episode 14: Medea
Episode 13: Supernote
Episode 12: Target
Episode 11: Eye of the Dragon
Episode 10: French Kiss
Episode 9: The Brotherhood
Episode 8: White Light
Episode 7: Dingo
Episode 6: The Ring
Episode 5: Payback
Episode 4: High Risk
Episode 3: Zero Hour
Episode 1: The Illusion (1)