Garage Squad (2014)


Genre: Reality-tv

Plot: There are gear heads all across America with beloved "project cars" sitting unfinished in driveways and home garages. These weekend mechanics usually lack the time, money or skill to complete their dream car. And it's turned into a wallet draining, space hogging nightmare for their families. We're here to help. Garage Squad is on a mission to help regular people - just like you - finish those project cars and get them off the blocks and back on the road. The Squad selects real people with real project cars and brings expert assistance, know how and plenty of parts to the home garage. Our co-hosts are Bruno Massel and Lauren Bohlander; and along with lead mechanic Joe Zolper they love showing each owner how to get their dream from DIY to Done. On Garage Squad everyone's hands get dirty and that includes the owner. Read More



Episode 9: Tragedy to Triumph
Episode 7: Running Down A Dream
Episode 6: Rocking The Suburb
Episode 5: Mustang Rally
Episode 4: Military Restoration
Episode 3: Phoenix Firebird
Episode 2: Seeing Double
Episode 1: Camaro Frankenstein
Episode 10: Santa's New Sleigh
Episode 9: Cutlass Comeback
Episode 8: License to Cruise
Episode 7: Hell of a Chevelle
Episode 6: The Mercury Is Falling!
Episode 5: A C10 For Jake
Episode 4: Rising to the Challenge
Episode 9: Malibu Mayhem
Episode 6: GT-Oh No
Episode 2: Camaro Comeback
Episode 1: A Tri-Five Comes Alive
Episode 2: Mopar Monster